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HawarIT is a Dutch/Bangladeshi company specialized in independent IT services in the fields of Custom Software and GIS Applications Development, Engineering Drawing and Modeling, GIS Data Services and Photogrammetry.


Working Together since 2000

HawarIT has back offices in Bangladesh since 2000 and together with this back office we are able to offer our customers a unique price performance value.

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HawarIT has been developing software of a wide range of domains over the last 20 years. Some major domains include GIS Applications, Production Automation, Utility Tools and Website Development. State-of-the-art technologies have been used to develop these high-quality, customized and cost-effective software products at the doorsteps of the customers.


The importance of engineering drawing and 3D modeling is inevitable for visualizing complex physical structures. In 2D approach, drawing captures the physical information that needed to be created the parts. In 3D approach, the drawing is one of several uses for the created model. HawarIT provides 3D modeling solutions for BIM, 3D City Modeling, Mechanical Engineering Drawing etc.


HawarIT specializes in the GIS market based on Autodesk, ESRI and OpenSource GIS products. The detailed technical background on modern web technologies which HawarIT has built up, gives an independent approach towards the GIS-engines used.
In some cases GIS-products can be used out of the box where datasets can be maintained in a closed CAD/GIS-driven environment.


Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs. These photos/images are generally taken from aerial/drone survey or from satellite. The input to photogrammetry is generally Aerial/Satellite images, and the output is typically a digital elevation model, a orthophoto, a map, a drawing, a measurement, or a 3D model of some real-world object or scene.

working Together since 2000



HawarIT was established in 1994 from the need of Dijkoraad Engineering to associate administrative processes with data drawings. The successful collaboration between ambitious newly graduated engineers from the Technical University Enschede and Dijkoraad Engineering created a lot of work for customers including some from the market in process engineering. From this HawarIT became an autonomous and independent consulting and software agency in the field of CAD, GIS, Database and Web technology.

HawarIT has back offices in Bangladesh since 2000 and together with this back office we are able to offer our customers a unique price performance value.

HawarIT offers independent expertise in the field of Software Development, Engineering Drawing and Modeling, GIS Data Services, Photogrammetry and related Product development with a specialization in linking between graphical and alphanumerical data in mostly technical areas.


Company Profile

LiDAR Expertise

GeoSpatial Survey

Resource Placement

Agricultural Land Identification and Geospatial Hub

Land use Mapping And Management


Data Processing and Output of LiDAR

Our LiDAR Services

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) is an optical remote sensing technology capable of measuring the distance to and properties of targets by illuminating them with laser light and analyzing the backscattered light.

  • Post survey processing of LiDAR and Panoramic image
  • Coloring of LiDAR data using Panoramic image
  • Digitization from LiDAR (DTM, DEM and DSM)

Geospatial SURVEYS

Geospatial Survey a.k.a. Survey is the technique of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them. The planning and execution of most forms of construction require Surveying. It is also used in mapping, transport, communications and the definition of legal boundaries for land ownership.

GPS / Tachymeter Survey

We provide conventional GPS/ Tachymeter based survey. By this, we can provide ground level measurement with very precise gps locations.

Leica Captivate Survey

We offer modern surveying of buildings, roads, waters or any agricultural parcels with Leica
software and Leica instruments.

Mobile LiDAR Survey

we can provide point cloud with a very high-density points like few thousands points
per square meter.

Survey with Aircraft

We offer land survey with both Airplane and Drone. Survey outputs are Airborne LiDAR, Stereo Images, Oblique Images and ECW.

Resource Placement

Discover a better way of managing IT resources, reduce risk and save time with our resource placement services. Free up time to focus on business and projects ensuring the best possible and cost optimized delivery from resources

Onsite Resource in Netherlands

This model is particularly suitable if you need frequent face-to-face interaction with your team members. Resource can be located in our NL office or your office

Offsite Resource in Bangladesh

Offsite developer will be located in our Bangladesh office. We will provide all required logistics. Resource will report and work under your project manager. Most cost effective solution for software development project. Suitable for small to medium size project

Hybrid Resource Model

Hybrid model consists of both onsite and offsite resource. You will have onsite project manager and offsite developers. Onsite NL Project managers interact with both NL customer and business analyst. They also manages day-to-day activity with your offsite development team for core development

BYOT (Build Your Own Team)

You build your own team mixing both onsite and offsite based to meet your specific model and requirement.
We support you with resource and logistics


PREMIUM QUALITY Government and non- Government Projects, SINCE 2000

Our Products


Chalo Information System (ChaloIS) is a platform within which information systems can be modeled. It combines generic functionality such as search, reporting, workflow, authorization, authentication, office integration etc. with industry models that incorporate specific content-dependent functionality.

TROEF Online

Troef Online is used to create 2D contour drawings and 3D warframe drawings for various types of geometric objects to cut sheet metal by supplying parameters.
The cutted sheet metal then used to build different shapes of containers/units which are used in different manufacturing companies.

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We demonstrate the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions


We work collaboratively together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of customers


We are flexible to build a team with a variety of different backgrounds, which meets customer requirements


We provide quality products and services to our customer



” The resource pool in Bangladesh really is amazing. Recently we needed a new Mechanical Engineer. Within one week, we had over 450 applications from which we short listed 15. Being impressed on the interviews we even decided to add two. “

Erik Hey, Director

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