3D City Models

3D City Models are digital models of urban areas that depict earth surfaces, sites, buildings and constructions, vegetation, water surfaces, infrastructures and landscape elements. 3D City Models are generally constructed at various Level of Detail (LoD) based on the purpose of the model. We construct 3D City Model up to LoD 2.3 that is building models with standard roof structures and exterior. 3D City model can be constructed to serve a specific purpose like transportation networking with high resolution terrain model, grid-based terrain model, water surfaces with adjacent land use design.

Why 3D City Models are Important?

  • Visual Depiction and simplifying the Recognitions of Locations
  • Planning user friendly Automotive and Pedestrian Navigation System
  • Urban Planning and City Architecture
  • Planning, Simulation, Renovation and Development of Urban Area
  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) and support efficient Data Management
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) supported 3D Geodata and Spatial Analysis
  • Intelligent Transportation System

Inputs we used for constructing 3D City Model

  • Point Cloud Data (.las)
  • Building Contour (.shp)