Mechanical Engineering Drawing

Mechanical Engineering Drawings are created for Graphical Representation of parts that do not exist yet. The designed parts are intended to be manufactured. The drawings must carry all the necessary information that enables the fabrication of the part. HawarIT prepares the CAD Designs from Bangladesh that are used for Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) in the Netherlands.

We have a team of Mechanical Engineers who are in charge of 3d-Engineering, preparing work drawings, doing the nesting of sheet metal parts for cutting with Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines (Plasma cutter / Laser cutter) and the preparation of daily cutting orders and assisting in order entry and even invoicing.

Why Mechanical Engineering Drawings are Important?

  • Visualizing a concept so that it can be easily communicated for production into a physical item.
  • Industries use technical drawing for keeping record of item prototype as well as final version of production
  • Creating helpful precise documents for employees and customers
  • Determining whether the design might fail due to compressive stress, tensile stress or internal shear
  • Cutting the metal sheet parts ensuring required shape for assembly

HawarIT ensures maximum customer satisfaction by delivering urgent work orders with highest priority. Orders that we receive at the closing time of NL office are delivered even before NL office opening time at the following day. As BD office starts 4/5 hours ahead of NL office, therefore urgent orders are also received from customers as well as delivered on time.

Inputs we used for Mechanical Engineering Drawing:

  • Free hand sketches with dimensions