GIS Data Services

HawarIT specializes in the GIS market based on Autodesk, ESRI and OpenSource GIS products. The detailed technical background on modern web technologies which HawarIT has built up, gives an independent approach towards the GIS-engines used.

In some cases GIS-products can be used out of the box where datasets can be maintained in a closed CAD/GIS-driven environment. HawarIT can guide you in composing an excellent working environment out of these standard components.

In more complex environments a data warehouse becomes leading,where GIS-engines can be used as a geographical portal to this information. The GIS-environment also can be used to locate and highlight objects and relations between objects.

HawarIT Limited has around 20 years experience in GIS Data Services. In the startup, HawarIT mainly focused in the mass digitizing work, but gradually increase it’s business and enter in the Data Analysis and Design related tasks. Currently HawarIT is focusing on several parts of GIS data services like Data Analysis, Data digitization and mapping, GIS database design and management, GIS tools and application development etc. In recent years, HawarIT also involved in 3D digitizing with DAT/EM Summit Evolution software.

Our GIS services Sub-Areas…