GIS Database Management

For GIS database, we store data externally in digital form using computer software database package: PostGIS. Attribute data is frequently stored externally whilst the geographic is commonly stored within the GIS database software. We design GIS database according to client demand such as we have designed a RDBMS for giving GIS data services to The Netherlands client especially for BGT project. We play with different type of data format for storing data backup and delivery to client. Our GIS data management practice affords us an opportunity to work with a wide range of geospatial and non-geospatial data formats:

Geo-spatial data format

  • Geodatabase (.gdb/.mdb files)
  • Google earth files(.kml)
  • ArcInfo files(.shp,.shx,.lyr,.dbf)
  • Image files(.ecw)

Non-Geo-spatial data format

  • Flat data files, including Microsoft Excel files and comma delimited file (.xls,.csv files)
  • Database file from Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, SQL server Express (.mdb,.mdf files)