Digitization from LiDAR (DTM, DEM and DSM)

1. Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

The product DTM-design concerns the creation of a Digital Terrain Model for the purpose of road designs. In the DTM, the shape of a terrain is described with break lines. These break lines are captured in the desired coordinate system with the help of LiDAR scan and Panoramic images. By the codes of the break lines, there can be read information about pavement lines, objects, height information about curbs etc.

Fig: Digitized Terrain Model of an intersection of a road.

2. Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a representation of elevation data of a landscape. The DEM models are created from the Airborne LiDAR data.

Fig: 0.5m -0.1m Digitized Elevation Model (DEM) of an open terrain.

3. Digital Surface Model (DSM)

A Digital Surface Model (DSM) is a representation of triangulated surface data of a surveyed area. This triangulated surface models can be used for view different aspects of a landscape without any manual digitization.

Fig: Digitized Surface Model (DSM) of an intersection (1 cm triangulated).