Pre-processing of LiDAR and Panoramic images

LiDAR pre-processing

In LiDAR pre-processing we fix systematic orientation errors in airborne and mobile laser data. It measures the differences between laser surfaces from overlapping strips of points or differences between laser surfaces and known points. These observed differences are translated into Heading (H), Roll (R) and Pitch (P) corrections for vehicle orientation, as well as height differences (dZ) for inaccurate/unreliable GPS elevation values.

We use various tools as laser scanner calibration tool or as tool for fixing actual project data post-acquisition. When used as calibration tool, it will solve the misalignment between the laser scanner and the Inertial Navigation System (INS). The end results are correction values for H, R and P which apply for the whole dataset.

Panoramic images pre-processing:

Panoramic images pre-processing:

We could use the images from mobile systems can be used to calibrate multiple-camera systems, to improve the positioning of the images from several cameras of a system, to rectify images on the ground .

Fig: Panorama captured from Ground type vehicle