Cees J. Nieboer, Chairman, HawarIT

Message From Chairman

HawarIT specializes in the domain of GIS/CAD Solutions including all related data work which makes us able to deliver turnKey information systems. As an example: we are delivering high quality certified software for Dutch governments almost fully running from our own cloudservers. Our mapping services including state of the art digitizing from Lidar point clouds and stereo images.

We have created a mix of European domain and IT knowledge with Asian workforce in last 20 years. Initial R&D and task breakdown was done full Dutch side. But these days new technology is picked up from our backoffice where Dutch side only focusing on the main lines, communication and smooth running processes.

We focus on long term relation and do not over promise. Our strengths lie in our team of good trained and motivated staff. Great achievement is our back office is able to run their own recruitment and training. ‘Working together…’ has been our slogan and drive over 20 years and I am convinced that drive is the main contributor to our success.