GIS Viewer

GIS Viewer / GIS Data Viewer is a type of application where different vector and raster based geographic data is rendered in such way that users can access & view different useful information. There could be rendered geographic objects upon a base map in different layers. Some basic GIS functionalities also can be performed there.

HawarIT has vast experience of building state-of-the-art 2D/3D GIS Viewers. We have developed different GIS viewers for different Dutch governments who maintains roads and highway, buildings, water, municipalities/regional areas.

We are experienced in delivering customized viewers, where users can directly perform data editing, specific object related actions, import/export data in various formats, synchronize data in different organizations and more.


  • Sophisticated Layer Tree
  • Sophisticated Legend Panel
  • Robust Search Module
  • Spatial Issue Management(Pinpointing[Marker, Line, Polygon])
  • Workspace Management
  • Feature Attribute Viewer
  • Feature Attribute Editing
  • Dashboard
  • Feature Export (SHAPE,GML)
  • Feature Import
  • Google Street Viewer Plugin
  • Globe Spotter Street Viewer Plugin
  • Overview Navigator
  • Map Object Browser
  • Role-Based Authorization On Tools & Layers


  • BGT Viewer (2D/3D): Web based basic registration of Large-Scale Topography is a detailed map of the Netherlands in which objects such as roads, water, railway lines and greenery are recorded in a clear manner for Dutch Government.
  • BAG Viewer (2D/3D): Web based building data & permission management system for Dutch Government. Buildings can be viewed in different angle in the 3D viewer for a clear understanding.