ArcGIS Add-Ins

To customize and extend the ArcGIS desktop software, Esri has introduced many new and innovative features to make it easy. With the new add-in model, Add-ins are easily shared between users as they do not require installation programs or Component Object Model (COM) registration; add-ins are added to a system by simply copying them to a well-known folder and removed by deleting them from this folder. Add-ins can also be shared between users within an organization using a centralized network share.

PA Speaker Connection Network

With this ArcGIS add-in all speaker connections of this an airport PA system can be maintained/monitored. If any speaker or amplifier does not work, this add-ins can identify.

Electric Line Network

With this ArcGIS add-in, all the electric connections of a airport can be maintained/monitored. Electric line between transformers to cabinet to switch to light/fan are shown here. If any device does not work or any connection is broken, this system can identify.