3D City Models

3D City Models 3D City Models are digital models of urban areas that depict earth surfaces, sites, buildings and constructions, vegetation, water surfaces, infrastructures and landscape elements. 3D City Models are generally constructed at various Level of Detail (LoD) based on the purpose of the model. We construct 3D City Model up to LoD 2.3 …

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Production Automation

Production Automation Besides developing GIS based applications HawarIT is renowned for delivering Production Automation Systems round the world. We have 20+ years of professional experience of developing software for various companies worldwide like industrial, manufacturing, building, energy management to automate their production. HawarIT can add the company specific processes, like for instance web based order …

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GIS Applications

GIS Applications HawarIT have deep experience in the development of GIS applications both to accomplish specific technical and business goals in the GIS context, and also to integrate enterprise data and documents into the GIS environment, or GIS into the larger corporate IT environment. What Is GIS?GIS is an acronym for geospatial information systems. It …

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